Love - Good Times (1969)

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Venus of Willendorf,


Venus of Willendorf,


when ur crush kisses u ^__^


the definition of a healthy lifestyle is not working out all the time, eating fruits and vegetables and lifting.

a healthy lifestyle is doing whatever you like, smiling, inner peace, eating whatever you like and whatever is good for your body and your soul, loving, being happy, laughing with the ones you love, feeling comfortable with your body and being positive. enjoy being alive.


Don’t go into that barn - Tom Waits

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i wanna get this tatted

i wanna get this tatted


"Dead On Arrival" Anouck Lepère photographed by Miles Aldridge for The Face January 2001

my dream was crazy last night- 

there was this long trail of lightning separating the sky from dark and light. i was rolling really hard in some barn. and couldn’t get over that pattern it looked liek a spine. i was in some run down house out west with a few friends from school and my childhood friend was helping me through a bad trip

….its lame how dreams mean so much to a person but when you try and tell them to someone else they lose their meaning/ its hard to describe


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


paranoia agent (twin peaks the anime)

holy fuck what a great series